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Skilled Mediators in Encinitas & San Diego, California

“I created Blue Sky Mediation Center because I believe in Mediation. In over twenty years of handling complex litigation, I’ve learned that some disputes have to be litigated, and some litigated cases have to go to trial. However, these are the exceptions to the rule.  The truth is, most disputes do not need to turn into lawsuits, and most lawsuits do not need to go to trial.  Litigation can be extremely costly and time-consuming, and trials have inherent risks and uncertainties. Most disputes can be resolved early on and resolved quickly. All it takes is the proper environment combined with the proper mechanism to bring people together and find solutions.  Mediation is that mechanism, and Blue Sky Mediation Center provides that environment.

Blue Sky Mediation Center is your partner to finding a solution and achieving the peace of mind that comes with resolving your dispute.”

– Robert Mougin, Blue Sky Mediation Center Founder

At Blue Sky Mediation Center, our founder and experienced mediator in Encinitas, California focuses on pursuing complete legal solutions for our clients in both litigated and non-litigated disputes through a hostile-free environment that promotes authentic and transparent communications to craft ideal resolutions between each party involved.

We understand the stress that oftentimes accompanies conflict, whether it is a business dispute, personal injury matter, employment dispute, real estate or construction dispute, workers’ compensation issue, or family members contesting wills or trusts, and we provide real-time solutions, so that ongoing discord does not ensnare your life into a seemingly never-ending conflict.

Our San Diego County mediator oversees negotiations with clients who range from varying backgrounds, including individuals who have suffered personal injuries and corporate entities stifled by business and real estate disagreements to expedite the legal process and resolve their differences without facing the protracted uncertainty associated with litigation.

At Blue Sky Mediation Center, we believe conflicts can be reconciled through negotiations that allow each party to walk away with a workable and binding agreement that is not only fair but, more importantly, will not be subject to future challenges or frequent petitions for modification.

Mediation gives our clients a viable opportunity to put an end to their dispute once and for all, so they can get their personal and professional lives back on track — starting now.

Blue Sky Mediation Center Practice Areas

Blue Sky Mediation Center was founded on the principles of trust, reliability, and a sincere commitment to achieving full resolutions by extending all parties the respect they deserve, so their voices can be heard, and absolute solutions can be implemented to end the conflict as expeditiously as possible.

Our San Diego County mediator, Robert P. Mougin, has spent over twenty-five years handling a wide array of litigated cases in California, Nevada, and Arizona and has successfully mediated over one thousand cases with damages in dispute of over one billion dollars during his career.

As a widely recognized mediator, Rob Mougin utilizes authentic and creative approaches to conflict resolution and has the ability to craft a compromise in even the most difficult, heated, and emotional disputes.

At Blue Sky Mediation Center, all parties are assured a fair and impartial analysis of their case, as well as the best possible opportunity to successfully achieve a mutually agreeable resolution before the completion of our mediation session.

Our Encinitas mediator handles complete legal solutions for individuals and companies in the following practice areas:

Our San Diego County mediator guides the disputing parties through their unique sessions by providing a safe space for each party to voice their thoughts, opinions, and potential solutions regarding their points of contention, which promotes problem-solving dialogue instead of ongoing posturing or stalemates.

Successful Mediation Begins Inside a Balanced Environment

Mediation requires many encouraging factors to achieve success, including a well-balanced environment that allows each party to fully, safely, and openly address their interests to achieve unique solutions, so they can return their focus to their own personal and professional goals.

Why Choose Mediation Over Litigation in San Diego County?

When two parties are involved in a dispute, they often become so immersed in the details of the problem including whom they perceive to be right and whom they perceive to be wrong — that it becomes impossible to accurately and objectively evaluate the difference of opinion, let alone craft a mutually agreeable solution.

Without the proper resources, the details of any dispute can become convoluted and — honestly — tortuous, especially when both parties feel as though have exhausted any possibility of resolving their issues on their own.  Most disputes do not need to turn into lawsuits, and most lawsuits do not need to ultimately go to trial.  Mediation is a valuable resource and viable option every step of the way, and we are fully prepared and qualified to serve you regardless of what stage of your dispute you find yourself in.

The majority of personal and professional disputes can be resolved early and quickly through mediation.

At Blue Sky Mediation Center, both parties are invited to meet with our neutral, third-party mediator in Encinitas & San Diego to confidentially discuss the details of their dispute, so we understand each nuance of their disagreement, and provide an objective analysis of where each party stands regarding their differences.

Our mediator in San Diego County provides higher levels of satisfaction by giving all parties access to the tools they need to:

  • Review any and all applicable laws, rules, and guidelines that provide the information necessary to make well-reasoned decisions.
  • Gain more insight and control over all potential resolution options.
  • Quickly craft a mutually beneficial solution to their dispute, instead of enduring the fear, stress, and anxiety of the potential delays and uncertainties that are inherent in the litigation process.
  • Develop quick resolutions during half- or single-day sessions, or multiple sessions throughout the week, as opposed to judicial proceedings which are often scheduled months or even years down the road, depending on the court’s calendar.
  • Experience absolute privacy, as statements or conduct made during mediation in California are completely confidential which allows for transparency and honesty in the process.
  • Devote less of their financial resources during the quest for resolution than litigating a dispute through court proceedings

Our mediator in San Diego & Encinitas assists the parties in reaching their own mutually acceptable resolution and does not decide the outcome of the dispute. We act as a conduit to catalyze an expeditious solution by all involved in the dispute.

No dispute is too big or too small to be fully addressed and resolved at the Blue Sky Mediation Center.

Should I Have a Mediator Present During My Mediation Sessions in Encinitas, CA?

Mediation is a service created to provide a valuable resource to each participant that allows each party to make informed decisions about the ultimate outcome and available solutions for their dispute.

However, mediators cannot advise parties of their legal rights nor guide them as to likely outcomes if their disputes were tried in court, so depending on the type and complexity of the dispute, it is recommended that parties retain their own independent legal counsel who can render the appropriate advice before and during the process. Counsel is certainly always welcome in the mediation process, including the drafting of any mediation briefs. That said, having a mediator is not necessarily a prerequisite to participating in a mediation session.

Outside of My Mediator, Who Else May Attend Mediation Sessions in Encinitas, CA?

Mediation sessions are not open to the public, and all discussions and documentation relating to the mediation will remain strictly confidential.

The parties involved in the dispute and their mediators — when they have retained counsel should attend all mediation sessions unless they agree otherwise. The clients are always in control of this process and these decisions.

Other individuals with information or expertise useful in resolving the mediation issues may also attend the sessions at the discretion of the mediator, which may include:

  • Accountants
  • Appraisers
  • Employment specialists
  • Insurance adjusters
  • Physicians
  • Witnesses

Your mediation session is unique to the involved parties’ circumstances and needs, which will dictate whether any third-party participation is recommended. It is important to make our mediator aware of any third-party involvement before the start of your mediation session(s).

When is it Time to Litigate My Dispute Inside a Courtroom in Encinitas, CA?

In over twenty-five years of handling complex litigation, our mediator in San Diego County has learned that some disputes must be litigated, and some litigated cases must go to trial. However, those cases are the exception to the rule. Most disputes can and should be resolved quickly and inexpensively, and mediation is the best-known vehicle for catalyzing the creation of the necessary solutions.

Whether you are entertaining mediation for personal or professional disputes or if you are keenly aware your lawsuit must be resolved inside a courtroom during litigation, our experienced mediator in Encinitas & San Diego at Blue Sky Mediation Center is ready to assist you in your decisions to find the best outcome for your unique circumstances.

Contact Our Skilled Mediators in Encinitas & San Diego, California at Blue Sky Mediation Center, LLC.

To determine which legal method of conflict resolution is right for you, contact our mediator in San Diego County at 760.454.7277 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation to discuss your legal needs today.


Blue Sky Mediation Center brings highly qualified legal mediation services to downtown Encinitas, a setting where clients are able to relax and find solutions. This hub in north county San Diego will easily serve all of San Diego County as well as Orange County, Los Angeles, and Riverside. A modern office setting yields a creative environment to find unique solutions, and its downtown Encinitas setting allows for easy client meetings at local coffee shops, restaurants, or the beach, all just steps away.

Simple to access by train, freeway, or Coast Highway, Blue Sky is a new central point for lawyers and clients to rely on when they need professional mediation services. Blue Sky sits a stone’s throw from the Amtrak Train Station in Encinitas, and is a two minute drive off of the 5 freeway. Encinitas truly is a new service center for all of Southern California.

“Why Litigate When You Can Mediate? Let's Get Creative, Solve Your Dispute, and Get You Peace So You Can Move On. Blue Skies Ahead.”



Mediator Robert P. Mougin has spent over twenty years handling a wide array of litigated cases in California, Nevada and Arizona and has successfully mediated over a thousand cases with damages in dispute of over a billion dollars during his career. Mr. Mougin and Blue Sky Mediation Center bring an authentic and sincere commitment to achieving full resolution to all claims; all parties will be heard and respected.




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