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Blue Sky Mediation Center offers a specialized, focused set of services to fully help lawyers and clients in a convenient, north county setting. We are able to assist with other services on a case-by-case basis — feel free to contact us to see how we can help.


Blue Sky Mediation Center will host multiple parties on site in order to facilitate a full and final resolution of any and all disputes. Parties will be asked to fully brief their positions in writing in advance of the mediation date, and these briefs will be reviewed and analyzed as part of the mediation fee. Multiple conference spaces are available, and all parties will be afforded the opportunity to fully set forth their positions during the mediation session. The ultimate goal of the mediation is to craft a mutually agreeable solution that gives all parties the ability to put their disputes behind them and move on with their lives.


Robert Mougin has the experience of handling thousands of cases over the past 20 years and is prepared to help you find the most appropriate path to move forward. Many times parties are new to the process of litigation and may benefit from a third party review of the strengths and weaknesses of their case. The mediation process can be very helpful in providing the big picture in a privileged environment.


We can resolve issues relating to Trust and Probate litigation, elder law, financial elder abuse, probate and trust administration.


We can resolve issues relating to Labor Code sections 3856 and 3860.

1/2 day mediation session $3,950, full day mediation session, $6,450. Rates do include all review and analysis of all pre-mediation briefings. In addition, please note that these flat rates also include all case management, secretarial, calendaring, copying and administrative fees, there are no additional charges. Hourly rate for additional work/services beyond the scope of a mediation session or for settlement facilitation services rendered outside of the scope of any mediation session will be billed at $450/hour.

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