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Wrongful Termination Mediator in San Francisco, California

At Blue Sky Mediation Center, we understand the profound impact wrongful termination cases have on all parties involved. An employee is considered wrongfully terminated when an employer dismisses them in violation of their legal rights, often leading to allegations from the employee and defenses from the employer.

Our mediation services in San Francisco provide a neutral platform for resolving these disputes through open communication and creative problem-solving. Regardless of your position in the conflict, mediation offers an effective way to uncover the root causes, understand each party’s perspective, and navigate a mutually agreeable resolution.

With over 25 years of experience, our founder and skilled mediator has facilitated countless successful resolutions for employees, employers, and third parties embroiled in wrongful termination disputes throughout California. Our goal is to help all parties move forward positively and permanently resolve these complex matters.

Wrongful Termination Law in San Francisco

Types of California Wrongful Termination Disputes Mediation Experts Can Resolve

At Blue Sky Mediation Center in San Francisco, we facilitate the resolution of various types of wrongful termination disputes that arise under California law. These cases often involve allegations by employees that their employer terminated them for unlawful reasons, such as:

  • Reporting a work-related injury or filing a workers’ compensation claim
  • Violations of implied employment contracts or agreements
  • Violations of the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act during mass layoffs
  • Termination that goes against established public policies
  • Retaliation for taking legally protected leave or making wage and hour complaints

Both California and federal laws protect employees from wrongful termination in these and other circumstances. At the same time, employers have the right to terminate employees for legitimate business reasons, such as poor performance or lack of productivity.

When parties find themselves at an impasse over a termination, mediation provides a neutral forum to openly discuss the perspectives and potential remedies. Our experienced mediators guide the conversation, allowing employees and employers to understand each other’s positions and work towards a mutually agreeable resolution outside court.

The goal is to find common ground that allows both sides to move forward productively rather than remain entrenched in a costly and time-consuming legal battle. Through mediation, wrongful termination disputes that once seemed intractable can reach fair and reasonable settlements.

Remedies Decided During Wrongful Termination Mediation

At Blue Sky Mediation Center, our skilled mediators guide wrongful termination disputes toward potential remedies that satisfy employees and employers. Through open dialogue and creative problem-solving, mediation allows for tailored solutions that may not be possible through litigation alone. Some common remedies explored during wrongful termination mediation include:

  • Monetary compensation: Depending on the specifics of the case, an employee may seek monetary damages like back pay, front pay, or severance packages. Mediation allows for the negotiation of fair compensation without the high costs and uncertainty of trial.
  • Job reinstatement: In some cases, the desired remedy is for the employee to return to their former position. Mediation provides a controlled environment to determine if reinstatement is viable and, if so, to establish clear terms and expectations.
  • Neutral references: For employees pursuing new opportunities, having a neutral or positive reference from the former employer can be invaluable. This can be negotiated through mediation.
  • Policy changes: If company policies or practices contributed to the dispute, revisions may be a mutually beneficial remedy. This allows the employer to improve while providing the employee with a sense of resolution.
  • Non-disparagement: Confidentiality and non-disparagement agreements, preventing either party from making damaging statements, are common mediated solutions.

The true strength of mediation lies in its flexibility to craft personalized remedies that address each party’s key interests and concerns. Rather than an all-or-nothing court judgment, mediation fosters collaborative problem-solving and durable agreements.

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In San Francisco, the dedicated wrongful termination mediators at Blue Sky Mediation Center stand ready to foster a safe and impartial environment for resolving employment disputes. As skilled facilitators, we guide participants through the complexities of their cases, ensuring a balanced understanding of each party’s perspective and the possible outcomes. With a focus on effective communication and mutual understanding, we also help pave the way for a successful resolution. To explore how our extensive knowledge can bring closure and justice to your situation, get in touch with us today.

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