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In Need of a Personal Injury Mediator?

Dedicated Personal Injury Mediator in San Diego & Encinitas, California

At Blue Sky Mediation Center, our experienced personal injury mediator in San Diego, Encinitas, California, Robert P. Mougin, handles both pre-litigation and litigated claims.  In litigated claims, the mediation allows litigants — typically the injured party and the insurance company — to decide the outcome of their case without the risks inherent in a jury trial.

Oftentimes, our mediator provides the first opportunity for disputing parties to meaningfully sit down in a safe setting discuss the merits of their arguments and attempt to reach a settlement through expedited negotiations.

Our San Diego personal injury mediator has been highly successful at resolving personal injury cases where one party believes the other is being unreasonable or is letting their emotions steer the decision-making process.

We provide the resources and the forum for the parties involved in a dispute to sit down and come to a mutually satisfactory solution to their conflict.

What Types of Personal Injury Mediation Does the Blue Sky Mediation Center Facilitate?

During personal injury claims, the insurance company may try to settle the case outside of a courtroom, especially when the injured party has an attorney representing their best interests.

When informal negotiations cannot resolve the injured person’s issues and result in a fair settlement, personal injury mediation can provide sophisticated negotiation strategies for all types of ongoing claims — no matter the point of contention between the two parties.  There is no personal injury case too big or too small to be resolved using mediation.

At Blue Sky Mediation Center, our personal injury mediators in San Diego County facilitate negotiations in the following categories:

  • Automobile Accidents

  • Boating Accidents

  • Construction Accidents

  • Medical Malpractice

  • Nursing Home Abuse

  • Premises Liability

  • Product Liability

  • Workers’ Compensation

  • Wrongful Death

Our experienced personal injury mediator in Encinitas fosters open communication throughout the negotiations, which allows the injured party to voice their grievances, including the complete circumstances that led to their injuries, and how those injuries have affected their professional livelihood, and personal freedom.

With the emotional component contained and respected, we can shift the focus of the conversation to reach a full and final settlement with terms that both parties can agree on.

What are the Benefits of Personal Injury Mediation in San Diego County?

Our San Diego County personal injury mediator engages all participants in well-designed mediation strategies that are guided by the experienced direction of a respected mediator who encourages reasonable discussions that promote fair settlements.

Blue Sky Mediation Center’s success rate provides the benefit of personal injury mediation that is less stressful and more cost-effective than a jury trial.

Personal injury mediation may also result in a quicker settlement of the claim, which allows the participants to put the accident behind them, so they can move forward with confidence.

All mediation sessions are confidential and private, which allows the participants to discuss important details without the stress of disclosing personal information to a judge or jury, which provides both parties the satisfaction of having all the necessary details to reach a fair and equitable agreement.

We Also Focus on The Following Practice Areas:

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To determine which legal method of conflict resolution is right for you, contact our personal injury mediator in San Diego County at 760.454.7277 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation to discuss your legal needs today.

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