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In Need of an Employment Mediator?

Knowledgeable Employment Mediator in San Diego & Encinitas, California

At Blue Sky Mediation Center, our experienced employment mediator in San Diego, California, Robert P. Mougin, provides a safe and comfortable space for parties to resolve workplace disputes through skilled negotiations between opposing parties while allowing the participants to retain complete control over the ultimate resolution.

Our San Diego County employment mediators help reduce the uncertainty and expense inherent in litigation, so both parties can walk away with confidence in their agreement while firmly placing their dispute behind them.

What Types of Employment Mediation Does the Blue-Sky Mediation Center Facilitate?

Our San Diego employment mediator in Encinitas understands that most workplace disputes can be the result of highly emotional occurrences that may keep both sides from successfully moving forward with their professional and personal lives until the conflict is settled.

Employment mediation can provide a platform for the participants to resolve their disputes in the following areas:

  • Employment Discrimination

  • Workplace Harassment

  • Wage and Hour/Overtime Disputes

  • Wrongful Termination Claims

  • Americans with Disabilities Act Claims

Most claims can be resolved expeditiously at mediation. Mediation may also allow the parties to learn from their mistakes and take corrective measures regarding their management styles, company policies, and operating procedures.

What’s more, when private or sensitive matters are involved, as are inherent in employment claims, the parties, especially the employer, can confidentially resolve such matters avoiding undesirable public proceedings.

What are the Benefits of Employment Mediation in San Diego County?

While employment mediation avoids the expense and delay of litigation, it also engages the parties in creative problem solving to adopt solutions through open communication that may not possible on their own.

Our employment mediator in San Diego County fosters a supportive environment that provides the negotiating tools each party needs to maintain or repair their relationships through empathy and a more complete understanding of all relevant circumstances.

Each participant’s voice is heard and respected, so their opinions, grievances, and overall needs are developed into real-time solutions that allow them to move forward and put their dispute behind them.

Mediation can also result in significant financial benefits, as it increases the possibility for settling a dispute at an early stage and allows for a faster resolution that minimizes the amount of management time and energy that is diverted from the employer’s business to deal with the case.

We Also Focus on The Following Practice Areas:

The Flexibility of Mediation Helps Produce Permanent Solutions

Employment mediation provides the opportunity to craft a remedy that may not be available through the litigation process, which could include non-monetary relief like changing a policy or practice at the company, obtaining references, arrangements for additional pension accrual, outplacement services, or extended group insurance benefits.

Our San Diego County mediator operates as a neutral third party who examines the claims of all the participants and sets realistic expectations to help the parties correctly view and evaluate their respective cases while educating them about the potential risks and liabilities in their positions.

To determine how our employment mediation services can benefit you, contact our experienced mediator in San Diego County at 760.454.7277 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation to discuss your legal needs today.

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