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Wrongful Termination Mediation in Irvine, California

Have you been fired from your job in Irvine under circumstances that seemed unjust or unlawful? Losing employment unexpectedly can be one of life’s most stressful and financially devastating experiences. The skilled mediators at Blue Sky Mediation Center understand the complex emotions and high stakes surrounding wrongful termination cases. We provide a neutral environment to pursue a reasonable resolution.

Wrongful Termination Law in Irvine, CA

What is Wrongful Termination?

Wrongful termination occurs when an employee is fired in violation of federal, state, or company policy. Some common examples of wrongful termination include:

  • Discrimination based on race, gender, age, disability, pregnancy, or other protected characteristics
  • Retaliation for reporting harassment, safety violations, or other whistleblowing activities
  • Breach of implied or written contract promising ongoing employment
  • Firing shortly after requesting medical, family, or other protected leave
  • Termination that violates public policy, such as refusing to perform illegal activities

In California, most employment is “at-will,” meaning either party can terminate employment for almost any reason. However, important exceptions still prohibit firing for discriminatory, retaliatory, or other unlawful motives. Wrongful termination claims are carefully scrutinized, requiring strong evidence of an employer’s illegal motivations.

Benefits of Mediation

Compared to prolonged litigation, mediation provides a faster, lower cost, and less adversarial option to resolve wrongful termination disputes. Key advantages include:

  • Confidentiality: Mediation allows both parties to have frank discussions in private rather than public court records.
  • Control: The two sides maintain control over the outcome instead of entrusting the decision to a judge or jury.
  • Preserving relationships: If you plan to stay in the same industry, maintaining a positive relationship with your former employer can be beneficial. Mediation can foster a more amicable resolution, potentially leading to positive job references in the future.
  • Flexibility: Creative solutions can be crafted beyond monetary awards, such as references, job reinstatement, etc.

The Mediation Process in Irvine

The Mediation Process

Blue Sky’s experienced mediators are highly knowledgeable in employment law and skilled at facilitating productive negotiations. The typical wrongful termination mediation involves:

  • Case summaries exchanged: Both parties provide an overview of their perspective on the facts and legal issues.
  • Joint session: The mediation starts with all participants present to make opening statements and begin dialogue.
  • Private sessions: The mediator meets privately with each party to understand interests, evaluate strengths/weaknesses, and explore potential resolutions.
  • Negotiation: The mediator goes back and forth between both rooms, conveying offers, removing sticking points, and searching for common ground.
  • Resolution: If an agreement is reached, the key terms are memorialized in a binding legal contract.

Even if the case initially remains unresolved through mediation, the process provides a beneficial reality check on each side’s case before pursuing additional legal action.

Is Mediation Right for You?

Mediation isn’t always the best solution for everyone. Here are some things to consider:

  • Strength of your case: A strong wrongful termination claim with clear evidence will likely benefit from mediation.
  • Willingness to compromise: Both parties need to be open to finding common ground for mediation to be successful.
  • Emotional state: If you’re too emotionally raw to participate in a constructive conversation, consider seeking emotional support before entering mediation.

While mediation does not guarantee a successful resolution, it improves the odds through principled negotiations. Even if an impasse occurs, you will gain valuable insight into where your case stands before deciding whether to accept a settlement or proceed with litigation. The mediator will provide a neutral evaluation of the strengths, weaknesses, and potential damages involved with continuing your legal claims.

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A wrongful termination case comes with high financial risks and stressful legal complexities. If you were fired in Irvine and believe it was unlawful, mediation provides an opportunity to pursue accountability and compensation through a streamlined, good-faith negotiation.

At Blue Sky Mediation Center, we provide wrongful termination mediation services designed to protect your rights while opening the door to reasonable settlements. We listen carefully, advise objectively, and guide the discussion with patience and respect.

If your employment was terminated in Irvine under questionable circumstances, call our office today for a consultation to learn how wrongful termination mediation could help your specific situation. Our team of skilled neutrals is ready to assist in reaching legal resolution efficiently and cost-effectively. We are here for you.

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