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In Need of a Probate Mediator?

Skilled Probate Mediator in San Diego & Encinitas, California

At the Blue Sky Mediation Center, our experienced probate mediator in Encinitas, California encourages each party involved in the dispute to voluntarily reach a resolution, so they can move forward with their lives by putting these emotional charged disputes behind them.

When family members, either by blood, through blended families, or life-long relationships dispute the Will or other related testamentary documents, probate mediation provides the opportunity for all parties to share their feelings with a neutral moderator in order to reach a resolution without litigating the details inside a courtroom.

For over 25 years, our experienced San Diego County probate mediator, Robert P. Mougin, has developed a comfortable setting that provides the best and possibly final opportunity to evaluate and repair strained or broken family relationships that resulted from the dispute.

We can help ensure your voice is heard during a highly emotional conflict, so each party involved feels their opinion is valued based on their unique relationship with the deceased.

Our Encinitas probate mediator firmly believes, if it is important to you, it is important to the dispute resolution process, and we can walk each of you through the process objectively to achieve a full and final resolution of all issues being faced.

What Types of Probate Mediation Does the Blue Sky Mediation Center Facilitate?

Probate is the process that finalizes the true last testament of the deceased person’s wishes, whereby they are accepted as a valid document and the instructions are carried out according to its legal standing.

Our Encinitas probate mediator recognizes the combination of emotions each party is trying to reconcile during these disputes, which is why we begin the process by evaluating each party’s expectations.

Each party’s opinions, emotions, and actions provides tremendous insight into the complex history of the relevant relationships, which will help reveal the best path for the participants to take to reach an agreeable resolution.

Our probate mediator in Encinitas handles all types of disputes after our clients’ losses, including:

  • Will and trust contests
  • Trust and estate administration issues
  • Mental health issues and other elder law matters
  • Guardianship and conservatorships
  • Placement disputes
  • Capacity and undue influence cases
  • Tax benefits and consequences

We also mediate matters involving trustees who are accused of failing to provide accountings to beneficiaries, which may include bank statements, tax returns, and other financial documents.

We Also Focus on The Following Practice Areas:

What are the Benefits of Probate Mediation in San Diego County?

Our San Diego County probate mediator provides families and other interested parties with a positive forum where they are availed of the resources necessary to make informed decisions to reach the best resolution available for their unique circumstances.

The additional benefits of probate mediation include:

  • Absolute power in determining a final outcome, instead of continuing in the court system and facing an uncertain conclusion
  • Complete privacy, where all details remain confidential during mediation and after
  • Full acknowledgment of the emotional components, which allows each party’s voice to be respectfully heard
  • Exceptionally lower costs than employing separate mediator and going to court
  • Ability to avoid lengthy depositions and testifying at a trial that may be scheduled months or even years into the future
  • Alleviation of an enormous amount of stress by achieving a resolution and moving on in days, not months

If you are involved in a family dispute over the last wishes of a loved one, alternative conflict resolution may be right for you. Contact our mediator in San Diego at 760.454.7277 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation to discuss your unique needs today, so you can move forward with your life without the stress and grief of this dispute holding you back.

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