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At Blue Sky Mediation, we understand that in 2020, California’s COVID-19 restrictions changed lives locally, nationally, and worldwide. The reality was, even though it did not feel like it at times, the world kept turning. Business, employment, and personal disputes still occurred and were exacerbated by the lack of real-time mediation solutions.

As employers and coworkers, corporate gatherings, classrooms, and even families turned to Zoom for solutions, our San Diego mediator turned to technology for answers, too.

When companies, schools, and individuals began operating and communicating virtually, skepticism regarding its success was immediately apparent. The same was true for mediation.

Our clients were concerned that remote mediation would not be as successful as it might be if all parties were in the same room. We understood. After all, mediation is designed to provide a platform to air grievances, tell your side of the story, and expand the depth of the conversation, face to face.

So, how could mediation be successful any other way?

The reality is, our experienced California mediator continues to settle more cases through remote mediation than our company did before the shutdown.

Here is why.

Decision Makers Are Always in the Room During Remote Mediation Sessions

One of the challenges with in-person mediation was getting the primary parties, secondary participants, and any relevant third parties in the same room, at the same time.

With remote mediation, decision-makers at all levels — corporate leaders, business partners, family members, attorneys, insurance adjusters, and supporting experts — can be present without traveling for the meeting, which means distant parties and other participants can be brought together quickly and easily.

What’s more, the virtual component provides the opportunity to include people who ordinarily might not participate in the mediation session, but who might contribute productively to the negotiation process.

The relative ease of participation in remote mediations can improve the process by allowing participants to work together in configurations that might be impossible if physical meetings were necessary.

These factors improve the substance of negotiations, aid risk assessment, and bring dispute managers closer to the mediation process.

Remote Meetings Create Customized Mediation Sessions That Produce Tangible Results

Remote mediation brings a welcome change to the typical daily patterns of everyone involved — our mediation specialists included.

Since planning is an integral part of mediation success, moving to a virtual approach allows each party to prepare their end of the argument, and to efficiently collaborate with their supporters before the session begins.

Technology allows our California mediator to truly customize each session through advanced planning that provides flexible and efficient solutions that allow us to set up a meeting, adjourn when necessary, and reconvene with relative ease — all without losing the substantive focus.

Tailoring each mediation experience allows Blue Sky Mediation to pursue real results for real people, so each party can move forward with confidence.

Remote Mediation Helps Remove Pressure from a Distressing Situation

Since mediation is a form of dispute resolution, there is an inherent conflict that exists between the parties when they meet, which can make for a distressing situation.

When the participants start the process in a more relaxed environment, either at ease in their own homes or offices, they are more comfortable than they may have been after traveling for the sake of confronting another person or party.

Likewise, the targeted use of joint sessions may also prove to be less uncomfortable via Zoom than when participants are actually sitting in the same room.

Less stress can lead to speedy resolutions, which saves time and money for everyone involved.

Would You Like to Learn More About the Benefits of Remote Mediation Sessions?

Whether you are involved in a business dispute, beneficiary conflicts, or are seeking solutions to personal injury negotiations, contact our San Diego County mediator at Blue Sky Mediation Center at 760.454.7277 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation to discuss your legal needs today.

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