Blue Sky Mediation Center Founder, Robert Mougin has settled hundreds of cases with over a billion dollars in dispute over 20-plus years in California, Nevada, and Arizona. Here are a few of the the many favorable client experiences.



Derek Aberle, President of Qualcomm

"I've known Rob for over twenty years and he has the right combination of integrity, knowledge, creativity, and authenticity that make him a natural mediator.  I highly recommend him." 


"Having worked with Rob on a variety of legal matters over the past 20 years, I have grown to appreciate his legal acumen, passion for his clients and keen eye toward efficient dispute resolution.  We have worked together on a diverse range of cases including employment, construction and business law matters.  A common thread throughout our work together has been Rob's clear focus on finding an efficient resolution for his clients.  Through literally hundreds of days spent in all types of mediation settings, Rob has consistently displayed a mastery of the facts and a commanding presence in the room, all while maintaining a sharp focus on the desired end result.  Rob has a unique ability to cut through widely varying positions and simply get parties talking in a constructive way."  

Arie L. Spangler, The Spangler Firm, Carlsbad

"I have known Rob for more than a decade. He is one of the most intuitive mediators that I've encountered in my career. I am very excited to have a viable option for mediation in North County. I have lived in Carlsbad for almost ten years, and am constantly commuting to downtown San Diego. On countless occasions, I've spent more than two hours in the car just to attend a simple mediation. With the ongoing expansion of the 5 freeway planned through 2030, I can only imagine that my commute is going to get worse. To have the opportunity to mediate my cases with Rob locally is truly a game changer. Rob will serve North County's thriving business and legal community well."

Dave Peck, managing partner of The Coast Law Group, Encinitas

As a 24 year litigator I've participated in hundreds of mediations representing both plaintiffs and defendants. My experience with Blue Sky and mediator Rob Mougin was simply outstanding.

We used Rob to mediate a highly contentious real estate dispute. The applicable contract required mediation but the parties' respective positions were so far apart that my clients and I felt it would be a complete waste of time. We went in with low expectations.

Rob carefully read the mediation briefs and impressed everyone during the hearing by reciting key facts from memory. He then rolled up his sleeves and went to work. Rob ultimately identified a path for compromise that nobody had previously considered. To our astonishment, Rob settled our "unresolvable" case.

As a North County practitioner I am pleased to know that I need not travel downtown - and pay $30 to park - in order to utilize a top quality mediator. I highly recommend Rob and look forward to working with Blue Sky again.